Bringing someone into your home to provide caregiving, particularly for live-in situations, is a very big deal. An outstanding person makes all the difference on so many levels. The wrong people, at best lead to great frustration and constant change, and at worst, although rare, a harmful situation. 

Finding The Right Caregiver

Professional caregivers need to be well vetted and trustworthy, as well as being a great fit for you or your loved one. They must be police screened. Their references must be checked – and not just to see that they worked where they said they did – but, were they good? If the care that they are providing includes personal care, mobility assistance or caring for someone with dementia or other mental illnesses, you need to be very comfortable that they have the proper training and experience. Are they insured through the firm? Are they bonded? Assuming they have all of this, only now do you get to ask the question: “are they a good fit for our home and our needs?”

Finding the Right Caregiving Agency Can Help

Using a professional firm to provide the caregiver or PSW should always come with those assurances. A good firm won’t just put a new staff member or recent PSW graduate with a high need or live-in client. They won’t just assume that because their resume says they were a nurse in another country that they are right for your needs. Many of these foreign nurses are excellent, but not all. A firm will begin by employing them for shorter shifts, working for clients with simpler needs. After they have proven themselves, determined though direct feedback from the clients, they can be considered for the more complicated situations, longer shifts or live-in assignments. 

It is this process the maximizes the likelihood that in a very short period of time you will find yourself with a wonderful caregiver who stays with you for as long as your needs determine. Skipping steps often leads to making numerous changes in caregivers over time. There are few things more stressful for a senior needing care than a constant stream of different caregivers through your house. 

If you are looking to hire privately, bypassing the controls of a professional firm, it’s even more critical that you do the due diligence to ensure they are vetted and trustworthy.