At Caregiver Services, the safety and well-being of our clients and staff has been our top priority since 2002. In these uncertain times of COVID-19, we are committed to going above and beyond our client’s needs to ensure maximum precaution while continuing to deliver best-in-class care.

Our Response to COVID-19

To ensure the maximum safety of our clients and caregivers, we at Caregiver Services are taking the following extra precautions.

Fully Vaccinated Staff

At CGS, all caregivers and staff  are fully vaccinated and will all receive boosters when due. 

Prior to every shift, they can only sign in by completing a full COVID screener. If any staff fail to complete the screener, or declare any symptoms, they cannot sign in and the office is notified immediately.

All staff are also Rapid tested twice a week

Staff Personal Risks

Most of our staff have been with CGS for several years, and while respecting their privacy, we have open conversations with them to assess any personal exposure risks they may have so we can make informed decisions about their fit with clients. Some live alone, others in congregate settings, and others with several family members – each situation brings different exposure risks.

PPE and Exposure Risk

  • All staff have access to appropriate PPE for every shift. Even fully vaccinated, staff are required to wear masks anytime they are out of the house or in close proximity to a client. In most circumstances, staff wear masks the entire shift. As we also specialize in live-in care, often our staff become part of the family bubble.
  • In the event that a higher level of protection is needed (e.g. the client has a suspected exposure or is having any symptoms), full droplet protection level PPE (N95/KN95 masks, visors, gowns, gloves etc.) will be provided.
  • Rapid COVID tests are also available if ever needed.
  • If we are informed that a client or staff member has been exposed, we work hands on with all parties to ensure they contact their personal medical professionals, contact their local Public Health Office, and ensure all protocols and r track in followed
  • In many cases, when a staff member is exposed to COVID and must isolate, they are alone and have no access to food or supplies. In these cases, we makes sure all staff needs are met to see sure they can safely complete their isolation and be ready and able to return when ready.

Focusing on Fewer, More Full-Time Oriented Care

CGS specializes in full time and 24/7 care which gives us several advantages in keeping staff and clients safe:

Most staff have only 1, or on occasion, 2 clients reducing cross contamination.

With the same staff visiting the same clients daily, they are able to better track any changes in behaviour or symptoms of any kind.

Focusing on 1 client allows staff to build more connected relationships with clients facilitating a higher quality of care.

In many cases, we provide a client specific credit card for staff or client purchases allowing us to control, track and report spending as well as facilitate online household purchases reducing exposure. 

Scenario Planning

When caring for seniors, there are many unforeseen events that may affect care or access to care. To mitigate risk, we work with client’s, their families and our staff to go over various scenarios that may occur to make sure all are prepared for situations including: suspected COVID exposure; sudden changes in client behaviour or symptoms; or last minute changes to the caregivers’ availability or client’s location or needs.

COVID-19 Resources

Looking for the latest information on COVID-19? We’ve got you covered.

See the Difference Curated 24-Hour Care Makes

Enhanced protection from COVID and Influenza are just one of the few benefits of a curated 24-hour care plan for you or your loved ones. 24-hour live-in care is a dedication towards a better quality of care and quality of life we at Caregiver Services embrace. It allows our clients and their families to live with dignity and peace of mind, while ensuring the best possible care. 

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