We have 4 types of 12-24 hour shifts.

PSW Awake Shift: when significant overnight needs exist, 24 hour care becomes 2 x 12 hour shifts. The overnight person stays awake all night and close by. We can also provide 8-12 hour daytime/evening shifts or 10-12 hour overnight awake shifts, if that is all that is required.

PSW 24 Hour Wake Up Shift: a PSW who sleeps in the client’s home, is prepared to be woken up 1-2 times/night. Due to frequent wake ups, they shouldn’t work more than a few days in a row to prevent burnout or dangerous mistakes with medication, mobility or personal care.

PSW 24 Hour Sleep Shift: a Personal Support Worker, managing most household needs, sleeps overnight without wake ups, plus helps with personal care, mobility and cognitive issues.

Caregiver 24 Hour Sleep Shift: A Caregiver managing most household needs, sleeps overnight without wake ups, providing more than anything else, peace of mind. They shouldn’t help with personal care, mobility or cognitive issues.

Long shift and live-in care is not like other care:

Longer shift work requires more experienced staff whose abilities and home situations make them a good fit for these long hours

Providing these longer shifts also allows us to offer staff enough hours so that they can remain loyal to the firm and our clients- they don’t need private clients or to work with competing firms to earn a reasonable living.

Accordingly, we know our staff very well as many of them have worked with us for many years.

The increased time with clients these longer shifts allow for also enables the staff to track the changes in client needs more comprehensively.

Having longer shift length clients allows us to be able to have fewer clients who we know more about as the relationships are more comprehensive.

I, as owner, oversee all client relationships and am available 24/7. We limit the number of 12-24 hour clients to 25 at any given time to ensure we maintain our standards.