Short-Shift Daytime Care

  • Daily companionship visits
  • AM/PM care helping clients start and end the day
  • Mid-day visits to help with meal preparation and companionship
  • Personal care focused visits to facilitate bathing and toileting

Long-Shift Daytime, Evening or Overnight Awake Care

  • 8-12 hour daytime visits to facilitate daily tasks and ensure safety
  • 10-12 hour awake overnight shifts to ensure client is not alone and is safe and cared for throughout the night

Live-In Care

  • Caregivers are at client’s home 24 hours each day for up to 7 days per week. Seven day care requires at least 2 caregivers.
  • Caregiver must get 6-8 hours sleep each night.

Short and long-shift care can take place at home, at facilities or in hospitals.
Live-in care tends to take place at home