Palliative care at home, in a facility or hospital:
Personal Support Worker (PSW) stays with client at all times for comfort, compassion, advocacy and support as needed

Dementia care at home, in a facility or hospital:
PSW stays with client to facilitate personal care, mobility assistance, and household needs with a focus on minimizing risks resulting from cognitive and mobility issues

Mobility assistance based care at home, in a facility or hospital:
PSW helps with transportation, mobility around home and home and personal care as needed

Rehab and Recovery care at home or facility:
PSWs focus in basic care needs plus supporting all rehab components as appropriate

Basic homemaking and lifestyle care at home:
Very much a nanny for seniors helping with daily household needs but does not help with personal care, significant mobility issues or cognitive concerns

Companionship care at home, in a facility or hospital:
Caregiver focus is to engage client in activities that help with quality of life and cognitive maintenance

Concierge Care at home:
Full home and care services including homemaking, personal care, appointment management, lifestyle facilitation,  facilitating and documenting medical assessments, appointments and needs and ensuring family is fully informed of all

Care Calls:
Regular visits by a Registered Practical Nurse to assess factors affecting household and personal safety, quality of life, and ability to continue living independently