Home Care

Being able to remain at home as we age is the choice of most people. Caregiver Services Ltd. can make this possible by offering compete flexibility in services and schedules. We focus on finding a caregiver, PSW or RPN who best fits your needs. Often our caregivers are the individual you or your loved one’s spend the most amount of time with and ensuring that you look forward to their visits and that they can meet your or your loved one’s needs is our only priority.

Hospital Care

Our hospitals do all they can to assist our loved ones, but often that isn’t enough. Additional care, particularly overnight,  may be needed when Dementia is involved, when needs are great, or in Palliative circumstances. Overnight or day-time respite care may be needed when a family member simply can’t be there and wants the peace of mind that their loved one is getting all the care and companionship they need.

Facility Care

Most facilities have a fixed amount of care they provide and are unable to customize daily or evening care to each person’s needs, particularly when they get more complicated.  Additional care may be needed during recovery from a fall or from an acute illness or in Palliative circumstances.  As well, many facilities are set up to only provide basic care and in order to remain there when one’s situation gets more complicated, private care is needed.  Our staff often work in conjunction with facility staff to ensure that your loved one gets all the care they need.