Why Us?

There is one big question and five smaller ones:

The big one:

Can we get the most appropriate care which respects and enriches the lives of our loved ones? This is the ultimate people business. It’s about clients’ needs and their families’ needs, and caregivers and their ability to meet those needs.   How can you determine that before you hire a firm?

The five smaller ones:

    1. How long has the firm been operating? Generally speaking, the longer the firm has been around, the more and better caregivers they have access to. They are better at recognizing the qualities of great caregivers, and more experienced dealing with the very personal idiosyncrasies of each of our families.  Experienced firms know the critical importance of checking references and the qualifications of every staff member hired. We have been operating since 2002 and have approximately 120 caregivers, PSWs and RPNs. We get it.


    1. Can you speak to the owner anytime you need to?  I can be reached at 416 994 6096 ext. #1, anytime, day or night.  Your needs are personal and I understand that deeply. If you need to talk to me – call me.


    1. Does the firm have sufficient back up staff for when unexpected changes occur? Caregivers have unexpected last minute emergencies.  Clients ask for last minute shift changes.  Maybe there is simply a bad fit between the caregiver and the person receiving care. A firm must be ready for last minute changes. You have to be able to reach us fast (call me) and we must respond fast. We, like most firms, are reachable 24/7. We have over 120 staff who are employees, not contractors. With all the complexity and variability of scheduling thousands of hours per month of care, over the last 12 months we’ve filled 99.86% of shifts.


    1. Do they ask the right questions when assessing your needs? We believe that it all starts with our teams’ understanding what your goals for care are – and how we can help.   Every family is different. Every client is different and respecting those differences, above all else, is where we start. Our mission and approach are deeply important to us – please read them.


  1. What is the hourly cost? Private caregivers can be very costly regardless of the firm you use. Prices generally vary from approximately $20/hr to $30/hr. Depending on whether you need live-in care or a four hour visit, our rates range from $16.50 to $25.50 per hour , depending on your specific care needs – please call and after a brief discussion we will be able to give you a price for your family’s needs.

We offer 4 hour to 24 hour shifts, in your home, a facility or hospital. For more information regarding the specific types of care we provide please see the services section.