24 Hour or Live-in Care

Whether at home or in a hospital or facility, your loved one may need full-time care. It may be for a short period during recovery from a fall or illness, or it may be ongoing in-home care. In some circumstance, the caregiver may sleep while the client is sleeping over night, or it may be critical that the caregiver remains awake all night. With multiple day or ongoing 24 hour care, it takes a team of two and possibly three dedicated PSWs to meet every week’s needs. In each of these situations Caregiver Services Ltd. will find the team and schedule that best fits your family’s unique needs. Through much experience, we also recognize that with our team in your loved one’s home 24 hours a day, they are exposed to, involved in and depended on for more than just direct care. With this level of involvement, it is important that our team maintain professionalism at all times. We invest the time up front with your family understanding how best to build these relationships. We always respect the balance between our team’s intimate connection to your loved one and your and their need for privacy.

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